Thursday, October 7, 2010

170. Robbie Foley

While in Ireland we watched (and danced.. alot!) to a gig by the band Ska-boom! The Singer Robbie Foley drew a merman, like a selfportrait. Really cool! Now he is in this band: Ska-beats.

169. Anya

We were so many so one half had to stay at Anya's, she drew this one!

168. Christine Carlin

Our class at Sörängen saved up some money and went to Ireland in 2009! It was amazing.. the nature, but also the city. We had so much fun and we got to rest our heads at Christine Carlin's house while in Derry, a friend of our teacher Gudrun. She showed us everything worth seeing, like Giant Causeway for instance. She helped me collecting seashells and told me about the.. not so many, mermaid-myths in Ireland. She also played the piano and sang for us. It was a great time!

167. Therese Ingebro

A friend of Ellinor's visited her at Sörängen, and also drew a mermaid :)

166. Monica Schultz

Monica, the sweet teacher at Sörängen, drew this a time ago together with her husband Göran. They wrote the children's book "Här kommer Bu-Ran och Seo-Ran från Korea" together among other things.
The mermaids are eager to hug the diver and can't wait for their turn

165. Erika Brånäng

Erika (aka werewolf) drew this amazing and cool "Furry mermaid" at Sörängen!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

164. Björn Ranelid

We (our class at Sörängen) went to see Björn Ranelid, a poetic controversial author of many books, with the talent of speaking. He has recieved many awards. Afterwards he would write autographs for those who wanted one, so I asked for a mermaid instead. He thought it was a neat idea, and there was no problem with being in the future eventual book/blog.. because he, as he said, is a man of his word and that you have to stand up for what's yours. I absolutely love his handwriting and how it continues into the mermaid. You can find his website here.