Monday, September 27, 2010

163. Per Grunditz

Another amazing mermaid, by Per, a student at the school. You can find his blog here

162. Nina Thorgeirsdottir

Nina drew this amazing mermaid at sörängen, where she teaches. A colorful mermaid with golden hair.. and the colors are so soft. She taught us about symbols in art, their history. "Good luck in life little mermaid" she wrote to me.   

161. Stina Brodén

A cool mermaid by Stina Brodén, alike her other mermaids (very colorful) drawn before this one. I met her at an exhibition at Grand Hotel, Kristianstad, while meeting Alexandra. Here's her website

160. Mattias Fyhr

Mattias Fyhr thought the other way around when he drew his mermaid! He researches about gothic literature that inspires his own writing, for example "De mörka labyrinterna" and "Död men drömmande" about HP Lovecraft.

159. Barbro Pakiam Eliason

A pretty mermaid on her throne! By Barbro who visted us at Sörängen 2009 and showed us her book "Drottningen och kärleken". Here's her website Lux Magenta

158. Helen Lundgren

A beautiful mermaid by Helen, the owner of "Böcker & Ting" in Kristianstad

157. Agnes Lundgren

Agnes drew this cute mermaid. She is the daughter of Helen who owns the "Böcker & Ting" shop in Kristianstad

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

156. Bernt Törner

Bernt, a teacher at school, used both pages to draw this cool mermaid! He's a cheramist as well

155. Jonas Embring

Jonas Embring, a movie maker! You can find him here. Here taught us alot about movies, manuscript and dramaturgy. And showed us some of his movies as well (A documentary called "Mio" and several short ones: "En spritsaga") Here's his mermaid, diving into the ocean like a silhouette.

Klipp från Jonas filmer:

154. Elise Fogelström

This one has a funny story behind it! While studying in Nässjö I spent alot of time on the train, to get home and so on. One day I started to notice that many people are drawing while on the train.. so, I said to myself, that one day I will ask a complete stranger to draw a mermaid! Scary huh?

One day this kind of person sat right beside me, a girl who drew manga in a sketchbook. And I got so nervous! She was listening to music as well, and I was afraid to ask her. When it was only half an hour left before my stop... I thought: now or never! So I asked her! She looked a bit puzzled at first, but was then flattered. She happily drew a mermaid for me, an adorable manga mermaid! I drew an eye for her in return, and you can find her deviantart here. We're both from Scania, and both studying in Småland (Eksjö - Nässjö) what a coincidence!  We later got to meet again! We both had animation in school, so she watched my movie and I watched hers. We're still in touch today! Even though we were complete strangers to begin with. (Awesome)

153. Kajsa Karlsson

Pretty mermaid with something funny to say "Hello and oink!" drawn by Kajsa

152. Pär Berg

A cool sketchy mermaid by Pär Berg, who taught us how to animate! You can find him here, Eksjö Animation.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

150. Sara Holmlund

This very beutiful mermaid and her surroundings is made by Sara Holmlund!
23/1 2009

149. Andreas Roman

"I'm pretty, wouldn't you say?". A funny and pretty mermaid by Andreas Roman, the author of books like "När änglar dör", "Drakväktare" and "Mörkrädd". He uses fantasy and horror when he writes.. and told us how he decorated the walls of his office.. with scary pictures! For inspiration.. huh. Here's his blog, Att Levla


148. Åsa Warnqvist

Åsa drew a pretty and different mermaid, with only lines, and a quote by Tori Amos! She taught us alot of helpful things about writing at Sörängen, the stuff beside the very writing.

147. Siewert Carlsson

Siewert, another writing teacher at Sörängen, behind the book "Skrivarbok" and the publisher "Faun förlag" drew a mermaid in herbath.

146. Anna-Carin Collin

Anna-Carin Collin drew this lovely beautiful mermaid sitting on a rock in the sunset, and she's got real hips! So beautiful. AC wrote "Everything is magic" beside her. She is a writing coach and a writer

145. Elisabet Norin

Elisabet Norin drew this cute and funny mermaid, alike a horse or a hippo. Elisabet visited us at Sörängen together with the students that took the distance writing class that she was supervising. She's a writer and a reviewer.

144. Susanna Alakoski

Susanna Alakoski visited the school to talk about herself as a writer, and afterwards she drew this pretty, pretty mermaid. She is the author of "Svinalängorna" and "Fejkad orgasm".

Me and Susanna Alaskoski, while drawing. Picture taken by Inger Abram Ohlsson that works for Smålands-tidningen.

143. Nicklas Österlund

A cool underwater world with signs, laughing sharks, hooks and garbage from humans in the shape of mines from WWII, drawn by my sister's boyfriend Nicklas. Funny, yet a bit scary (humans exploitation of the seas)

142. Michelle Sörensen

A really pretty mermaid by Michelle!

141. _________________

140. Jenny Gustavsson

A pretty mermaid by Jenny!

139. Emelie Ahlqvist

Emelie's (Em) pretty mermaid with fluffy hair! :D You can find her blog here

138. Elin Isvind

Elin Isvind's humorous mermaid :) You find her blog here

137. George Strachal

We had George Strachal as our teacher for a while at Sörängen, he's a journalist and came up with some interesting writing tasks.. such as interviewing someone or writing a text based upon only ONE of our senses. He is the author of books like "Glass: parfaiter och sorbeter" and "Bröd: från bagels till tunnbröd" 

136. Mira Mataija

Mira Mataija drew this red mermaid in agony, that reminds me of "The Scream" a painting by Edvard Munch. This is what she has to say about it with her own words:

"I akvarelljuset, illustrationssalen. Lukten av zinkvit färg och flyktiga sammanhang. Du står lutad över ett stort bord och river ut sidor ur din bok och sprider ut dem. Sjöjungfrur tar över bordsskivan, rummet, världen.
Du räcker mig pennan och ber mig. En med urgröpta ögonhålor, skadeskjuten framtidstro och en kropp som bränner ner haven.

Minnet kan vara rekonstruerat.

Övervattensvärldar. Vi står på skoltaket med deras tvådimensionella kroppar i händerna och luftvirvlarna tar omvägar kring oss. det är höst i våra ansikten och din mun är ett jack i papperet. mina ögon klipper intryck till fragment med fransade kanter.

Minnet kan vara konstruerat.

När kolet i din ögonvrå druckits upp av grafitljuset kastar vi kropparna
åt vinden fattar våra pennor
särar på våra sammanbundna ben och börjar gå.

Genom öken och under oceaner"

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Comments and linking back that made my day! Thanks!

135. Henrik Lange

Henrik Lange wrote "80 romaner för dig som har bråttom" where he would sum up a classic novel on only one page. Really funny reading.

Book fair 2008: 26 mermaids

134. Thomas Olsson

Thomas Olsson drew his character Rogert as a merman!
A sweating merman with a tie and shirt.

133. Martin Kellerman

Martin Kellerman, the cartoonist of "Rocky" drew his maincharacter as a mer-dog! In peace & quiet combing the hair that isn't there. Adorable.


132. _____________

131. Ola Skogäng

Ola Skogäng writes about a bear, Theo, that solves occult mysteries, and I found his comic in Nemi, and later I found him in the bok fair! He drew a cool skeleton mermaid, a bit occult like his comics.              

Clips: (both Jimmy and Ola has drawn a mermaid!)

130. Agneta Sjödin

Agneta Sjödin, tv personality ('Let's dance', 'Fångarna på fortet') and author ('En kvinnas resa', 'Vändpunkter') drew this cute blue mermaid.


129. Lasse Åberg

Lasse Åberg, famous for his role in the movie "Sällskapsresan" and his collection of glasses, cups, paintings etc with the theme of Mickey Mouse! There's even a museum.
   He drew this.. ship, named "sea maid" so he sort of cheated, didn't he? But in a letter I recieved from him later, he drew a Mickey Mouse mermaid.


128. Carina Kågström

Carina Kågström, illustrator and artist that likes to exaggerate and distort, mix serious things with humour, and she mostly draws humans and the ordinary things in life. I love the curly hair of the mermaid, and how the picture almost tricks the eye, with a third arm?

127. Mikael Sol (& Kim W Andersson)

Mikael Sol the author of "Till alla jag legat med" and the maincharacter, based on himself, he here drew as a merman. With the gesture and the innocent face expression of "What? Me?"

While drawing Kim W showed up beside him, and saw my name in the book, and asked if I'm Linda Ågren with the books of mermaids. Cool coincidence! I never met him live before, but he drew me this cool mermaid, remember? Now I got to meet him for real, and he just had to draw me a live mermaid for me. He also drew small mermaids in letters he sent me and my sister.