Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nr. 62 Kim W Andersson

I found Kim W in Nemi with his comic "Love hurts" and I HAD to e-mail him; not only did he draw a bloody comic strip about mermaids, but he also involved The Master & Margarita (Michail Bulgakov) in his next one. So I had to e-mail him and discuss this awesomeness, because we were reading it in school (thanks Eskil). That's how it started, and he made me this beauutiful mermaid! He got screen prints from me in return :)

Here is the sketch:


  1. detta är min favorit av dem jag sett (:
    tycker det är roligt att hon har en fena i svanken, och såklart en tatuering!

  2. Ja Kims sjöjungfru är riktigt underbar. :D Oh yeah, coolt med en tatuering och hajstyle