Monday, August 30, 2010

The beginning of the mermaid book

It all started with a visit to a market. I found this sweet sweet book, a bit heavy in your hands, white, and with a fairy on it. The sticker on the backside said Agora Gifthouse. It was a fairy, not a mermaid, but still beautiful. At the time I did not know the future purpose, but I wanted to save the book for something special. One night in 2006, I had the idea that everyone I know would draw a mermaid each, like a book for your friends, only more fun. People said they loved the idea, so I carried on. It grew larger, and today I have more than 200 and a good mix of everyday people and artists and every mermaid got its own look. Why mermaid you ask? I have loved mermaid ever since I was little. Probably because of the Little Mermaid (my dad said I got brainwashed at Disneyland in Paris) but anyhow, the love for mermaids stayed and grew, to a big important aspect of my life.

Today you won't be able to draw in the book directly, four ones are already filled! But my goal is to publish a real one: therefore it's ok to collect them outside of that book.. and of course, here on the blog (Thanks Åsa for the idea!) So what do you say? Do you want to a part of it, contribute to the collection?

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