Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nr. 64 Lars Wilhelmsson

Her father wanted to draw as well! Really funny!

Nr. 63 Johanna Wilhelmsson

The so very pretty mermaid of Johanna Wilhelmsson! <3 She loves cats (like me) and mixed it in! A mermaid or a catfish? That loves a fish, so adorable! Except for the paint one, this is the first digital. I met her through a small class she was having and that my mother joined, learning to make jewellery out of clay or glass. Here's her website

Nr. 62 Kim W Andersson

I found Kim W in Nemi with his comic "Love hurts" and I HAD to e-mail him; not only did he draw a bloody comic strip about mermaids, but he also involved The Master & Margarita (Michail Bulgakov) in his next one. So I had to e-mail him and discuss this awesomeness, because we were reading it in school (thanks Eskil). That's how it started, and he made me this beauutiful mermaid! He got screen prints from me in return :)

Here is the sketch:

Nr. 61 Karolina Schéle

Karolina drew this pretty flower power mermaid at Rosegarden as well

Nr. 60 Mimmie Andersson

Mimmie, a friend of Sara, drew this pretty mermaid while we ate at Rosegarden.


Nr. 59 Ellen Aspegren

This funny mermaid and the octopus is made by Ellen :)

Nr. 58 Jonatan Månsson

A mermaid in the sun, by Jonatan

Nr. 57 Sara Melander

A mermaid by Sara Melander

Nr. 56 Isabel Eliasson

A pretty mermaid made by Ísabel

Nr. 55 Heidi Svärd

Heidi drew this cool mermaid rockchick! She's been studying in Barcleona for a while now, cool ^^

Nr. 54 Ann Larsson

Another teacher from c4, Ann drew this colorful sweet thing in 2007

Nr. 53 Joel Andersson

Joel got really enthusiastic about this idea and drew.. two! I had him as a substitute at C4, a really fun one, and now he's a fullblooded teacher. Poetic and artistic.  You can find his art here

Nr. 52 Sofia Andersson

My darling cousin Sofia drew this on her birthday party. I love to hear her sing, as she does for us at special occasions. I loved the time, when I was little, when she had the part as Ariel in a small show in the mall.

Nr. 51 Isabelle Forslin

A mermaid by Isabelle, my sister's friend

Nr. 50 Hanne Lindén

A smiley-mermaid made by Hanne! My sister's friend


Monday, August 30, 2010

Nr. 49 Elinor Svensson

Kind of funny story about this one. A girl in the school council posted something on FC, our network in school. Shortly after that mail came another, because she forgot to attach the important thing she was talking about. "Silly me" she said "that forgot to send it. As an excuse, I'll draw you something in paint!" Probably a joke, but I asked her anyway, and she drew me this :)

So, the first digital one.

Nr. 48 Jonna Eneroth

And Jonna, also at Wanås, made this beautiful mermaid!

Nr. 47 Zidi Holster

The Wanås adventure continues. This one is made by Zidi, the only guy in the group. These are quite special mermaids, different than the others. It says

"Kärlek är alltid fint men ibland kräklek"
Here's his blog

Nr. 46 Malin Brendheden

Choosing an art school.. you get to do things like this: For two days (not a sleepover thank god) we will visit the artpark Wanås, gather in groups (two of "us" - our class, Nina & Alexandra. And three from Hässleholm, one of them to photograph the process) and then we will choose an artwork, and put ourselves.. into it! Make up a story, a performance, to show the others. We got this old thing that cows eat from, and made a performance about power. Turned out rather good.
In the evening it was freezing cold, so we sat inside. While doing so, I thought that the group members could draw in the mermaid book! Because that is the idea: I want to gather everyone I meet in there, that is their print in my life. So, very very brown paper were all that we had, but it worked out well.

Here's Malin Brendhedens mermaid, she was the photographer

Nr. 45 Björn Hellberg

Björn Hellberg was the next one to draw! He writes crime stories, loves tennis, used to be a host for "På spåret" etc. I have met him thrice, in Småland, home in Kristianstad (both bookshops, signing books) and at the book fair. His one is special too, fun to have.

 Me, mom, Björn Hellberg. Before the days of the mermaid book
(I'm blonde.. and this was the first of the three times I''ve met him)

Nr. 44 Kjell Albin Abrahamson

His excuse? He's a writer, not an artist. He got it half right anyway ^^ "Mermaid according to Kjell Albin Abrahamson". He's a swedish journalist, author and a host for a radiochannel.        

Nr. 43 Lars Mortimer

It is 2007 and my grandmother (on my father's side) is taking me to the Book Fair in Gothenburg for the first time, excited or what?! And, and, and.. suitably enough, their logo has a MERMAID on it <3. Not used to that much people, but I came there with good hope, a brand new mermaid book and collected.. 3. For the first time that's OK ^^

The first one to draw & to introduce the book were.. mr. Lars Mortimer! The cartoonist that draws Hälge, the moose.

It could be.. a bathing moose, BUT it can also be a mermoose (that's what it is actually!)

And wow, the first celebrity to draw. Me, 16 years old, happy!

New book, new book! The second one.

..and I want my own mermaids to introduce every book. This time it wasn't just a mermaid, but with a pedagogic touch, ey? Instructions! And color!

Nr. 42 Yvonne Prytz

This piece of art is very dear to me. Yvonne Prytz had this tiny sweet boutiqe with antiques, presents, things she sew herself.. etc. Turns out one of the companies she orderes from is.. Agora Gifthouse! If you remember the first entry, the sticker on the book I found said exactly that. So, very kind and all, she ordered some of them for me.. more sweet, white, fairybooks to collect mermaids in! I could have a library of them I thought. And, while she ordered these.. she asked about the idea behind it. She thought it was neat, and started to tell the story to other customers. Then I asked if SHE wanted to draw, and she surely wanted to! When I came to get it she had drawn this beautiful mermaid, with a golden pen och some golden stickers for the tail, and the mermaid looked a bit like Attina I thought, from my old books about Ariel I had as a child. Next to the picture, besides her name and date, she wrote "Thanks for the confidence in me!". I trusted a complete stranger with the book, she must have felt appreciated :) Her picture was the last one in the first book, a perfect ending!

This is the store she used to have, or maybe it just moved: Butik Harmony

Nr. 40 Emma Rubin / Nr. 41 Anna Rubin

Another Ruby! Emma is Therese's cousin and drew her mermaid the same day, with a cute fish saying "hello".


And the fourth Rubin, Anna! Nr. 41. The other cousin. No they are not twins though the mermaids are sisterly alike.

Nr. 39 Therese Rubin

My dear old friend Therese! Sister to Daniel (whom's exam we were celebrating when she drew this) and a part of the Rubin family, so we've been travelling together. She drew a princess.

Note: She just gave birth to a darling daughter, congratulations dear friend <3

Nr. 38 Anders Åstrand

My philosphy teacher Anders made this during our last lesson!
 "Where did my arms go?"

Nr. 37 Joacim Andersson

Joacim is another classmate. The one above is his first one, and one below is his second, made perhaps a year afterwards.

Nr. 36 Gunilla Sundström

Easter trip! Gunilla is a ceramist in Everöd, and animals are mostly here main motif, during easter she makes very pretty pottery hens.
   When I was younger I got the chance to follow her work, and to learn, study and make my own things. Her art is amazing

Nr. 35 Hanna Hultman

We met Hanna for the first time during the same easter trip (Tingshuset Degeberga). She paints amazing pictures, and it turns out she went to the same school as I. Here's her blog and artwork: Hannas blogg

Here's Hanna with the painting my mother bought

Nr. 34 Joanna Agetorp

The family Agetorp's practially our neighbours and we've known them since we were little. The mother and wife of the artistic family, Joanna, drew this lovely mermaid with huge hips and sweet colors during an easter trip. In easter many artists wants to show off their work, so we visit them and collects mermaids.
Agetorp Net  Joanna works alot with lino cutting

Nr. 22 Anki Hästesko

..and Alexandras mother Anki drew. She loves horses and the glowing heart, I think, represent her knowledge and activity within Healing.
Here's her website

Nr. 32 Michaela Persson

..and Michaela drew a mermaid with pretty necklaces. She's interested in theatre and loves masquerades.

Nr. 31 Isabella Sundfelt

When we were at Alexandra's house, Bella drew..

Nr. 30 Theo B. McDowell

I met Theo on gaia.com and we became penpals, me in Sweden, he in Texas. If I were the mermaid.. he were the seahorse. 


Nr. 29 Nicole Bello Cifuentes

A sweet mermaid by Nicole! Squeezing the water out of her hair in the sunset or dawn

Nr. 28 Hannes Svensson

Cookie? After hesitating a long time whether to draw or not, I found him drawing this when I came back into the room where I had left the book. He thought he could do it in secret ^^. The result? A cool mermaid (bit Tim Burtony?) asking if you want cookies.

Nr. 27 Eleonore Mattsson

Another mermaid made by a teacher (C4). Eleonore made this pretty mermaid with the cool pose, yoga? Right before she had to quit.. she's a principal now though!

"To Linda. Eleonore 11 january - 07"

Nr. 26 Sofie Wilhelmsson

Drawn by Sofie during a small party at Jonna's. The first mermaid in 2007! A mermaid relaxing in a wineglass, cool!

Nr. 25 Nicole Fridwall

Nicole Fridwall drew this pretty mermaid on New Year's eve as well