Monday, August 30, 2010

Nr. 43 Lars Mortimer

It is 2007 and my grandmother (on my father's side) is taking me to the Book Fair in Gothenburg for the first time, excited or what?! And, and, and.. suitably enough, their logo has a MERMAID on it <3. Not used to that much people, but I came there with good hope, a brand new mermaid book and collected.. 3. For the first time that's OK ^^

The first one to draw & to introduce the book were.. mr. Lars Mortimer! The cartoonist that draws Hälge, the moose.

It could be.. a bathing moose, BUT it can also be a mermoose (that's what it is actually!)

And wow, the first celebrity to draw. Me, 16 years old, happy!

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