Monday, August 30, 2010

Nr. 42 Yvonne Prytz

This piece of art is very dear to me. Yvonne Prytz had this tiny sweet boutiqe with antiques, presents, things she sew herself.. etc. Turns out one of the companies she orderes from is.. Agora Gifthouse! If you remember the first entry, the sticker on the book I found said exactly that. So, very kind and all, she ordered some of them for me.. more sweet, white, fairybooks to collect mermaids in! I could have a library of them I thought. And, while she ordered these.. she asked about the idea behind it. She thought it was neat, and started to tell the story to other customers. Then I asked if SHE wanted to draw, and she surely wanted to! When I came to get it she had drawn this beautiful mermaid, with a golden pen och some golden stickers for the tail, and the mermaid looked a bit like Attina I thought, from my old books about Ariel I had as a child. Next to the picture, besides her name and date, she wrote "Thanks for the confidence in me!". I trusted a complete stranger with the book, she must have felt appreciated :) Her picture was the last one in the first book, a perfect ending!

This is the store she used to have, or maybe it just moved: Butik Harmony

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