Monday, August 30, 2010

Nr. 46 Malin Brendheden

Choosing an art school.. you get to do things like this: For two days (not a sleepover thank god) we will visit the artpark Wanås, gather in groups (two of "us" - our class, Nina & Alexandra. And three from Hässleholm, one of them to photograph the process) and then we will choose an artwork, and put ourselves.. into it! Make up a story, a performance, to show the others. We got this old thing that cows eat from, and made a performance about power. Turned out rather good.
In the evening it was freezing cold, so we sat inside. While doing so, I thought that the group members could draw in the mermaid book! Because that is the idea: I want to gather everyone I meet in there, that is their print in my life. So, very very brown paper were all that we had, but it worked out well.

Here's Malin Brendhedens mermaid, she was the photographer

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