Wednesday, September 22, 2010

154. Elise Fogelström

This one has a funny story behind it! While studying in Nässjö I spent alot of time on the train, to get home and so on. One day I started to notice that many people are drawing while on the train.. so, I said to myself, that one day I will ask a complete stranger to draw a mermaid! Scary huh?

One day this kind of person sat right beside me, a girl who drew manga in a sketchbook. And I got so nervous! She was listening to music as well, and I was afraid to ask her. When it was only half an hour left before my stop... I thought: now or never! So I asked her! She looked a bit puzzled at first, but was then flattered. She happily drew a mermaid for me, an adorable manga mermaid! I drew an eye for her in return, and you can find her deviantart here. We're both from Scania, and both studying in Småland (Eksjö - Nässjö) what a coincidence!  We later got to meet again! We both had animation in school, so she watched my movie and I watched hers. We're still in touch today! Even though we were complete strangers to begin with. (Awesome)

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